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September 24, 2015, at Count's Vamp'd

After a 13 year silence, the infamous Travis Shredd and the Good Ol' Homeboys is back! The band's back!  The show at Vamp'd on September 24 featured songs from the band's back catalog along with two new songs!


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Formed in Seattle in the early 90s, they recorded three electrifying CountryMetalRap CDs that were played in regular rotation on Seattle's #1 "Young Country" radio station, #1 Album Oriented Rock station, #1 R&B station, and #1 college station...simultaneously. 

The new Las Vegas band includes legacy member Tea-Böy from the old Seattle lineup on guitar, along with Vegas luminaries Nan Fortier on drums, Arles Estes on bass, Joel "Major Seven" Ferguson on pedal steel, and Pete "Dr. Panties" Sprague on keyboards.

Country. Metal. Rap. Las Vegas. Hold on tight.

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