Table Scrapps

Cover design by CZ Shredd

Blue Cliff Records
Las Vegas, NV

Released 8/28/2011

The songs are

Table Scrapps, the album, like its culinary namesake, is a small amount of product that was left over from or left out of something more grand. Like its creator, it has an extra consonant in its name, a genetic signpost warning that expectations should be low. Fit for a beloved family pet, it is meant to be enjoyed after the glamour and grandeur of the main course is but a distant memory. And with the right setting and/or company, can be a moment of satisfaction, sating the palate and reminding us of good times past. In the overused one word sentence of food servers everywhere: "Enjoy."

Here are some other photos from the cover art photo shoot.

    Snazzy and Cherry   Cherry