Combining the musical styles of Country, Metal, and Rap, Travis Shredd and the Good Ol' Homeboys are constantly surprising their audiences with whipsaw transitions and head-spinning diversity.  The band's rave reviews and devoted fans across the country confirm that one style of music per song is simply not enough for today's discerning listener.  Radio airplay from rock, country, R&B, college, and alternative stations further demonstrates that there's something for everybody in each adrenaline-infused song.  With often hysterical and sometimes autobiographical lyrics, you'll find yourself identifying with Travis' questionable life choices and harrowing experiences.  CD titles like "Headbanger's Squaredance," "668: The Neighbor of the Beast," and "Nashville Drive-By," assure you that you're in for a wild ride!


TRAVIS SHREDD: Lead guitar player, lead singer/rapper/screamer, and the brains of the operation.  He also plays banjo, but we won't speak of prior offenses here.  Creator of CountryMetalRap.  Forced to assume alias of "Travis Shredd" after fingering a drug lord for the FBI. (Okay, it was ibuprofen.)  Relocated under the Federal Witness Protection Program to the Seattle area, he then moved to Las Vegas.  Claims to be possessed by the spirit of Hank Williams channeling through Flava Flav.  Maintains a shrine to Dwight Yoakam and Steven Tyler.  Can frequently be found in a local Starbucks, denying that he has a coffee problem.

TEA BÖY: Guitar player and TS's right-hand man, Tea Böy is also responsible for several of the high screamy vocals and for the lyric "Beelzebub himself was in da house."  He received the moniker "Tea Böy" from the British slang for assistant audio engineer, as a result of  assistant engineering on "668: The Neighbor Of The Beast."  Recruited for the band based on his knowledge of Frank Zappa material and general psychotic nature. Amuses himself by surgically removing reverb tanks from guitar amps and trying to avoid a bacon overdose.

 ARLES ESTES: The bass player, although more at home on guitar, mandolin, banjo, trumpet, keyboard, and various other hillbilly instruments.  Quiet and likeable, he hides a dark past that may involve ibuprofen.  In fact, do not mention the word "pharmaceutical" around him...that's a trigger word.  The only Good Ol' Homeboy actually from Texas, he brings a level of warmth and authenticity that, frankly, makes us all a little uncomfortable.

 NAN FORTIER: Hits like a girl.  After a spectacular career that has included playing drums in Blue Man Group and percussion in Celine Dion's show, she has consented to humbling herself by bashing the drums in this band.  This makes her the first ever Good Ol' Homegirl.  She brings a level of professionalism and musicianship that makes the rest of us even more uncomfortable than Arles' warmth and authenticity does.

PETE SPRAGUE, a.k.a. DR. PANTIES: With an online degree in Lingerie Analysis, "The Doctor" is responsible for the purty piano parts, explosions, barnyard noises, and fresh hip hop beetz.  In addition to his frilly "degree," he also has a minor in keyboards, drum machine, and sound effects.  His aforementioned piano parts are sometimes punctuated with random screams of Monty Python dialog.  As long as he's not off his medication, everybody will be safe.

 JOEL FERGUSON, a.k.a. MAJOR SEVEN: Plays pedal steel guitar, an instrument that defies the laws of physics.  Also banjo, which defies the laws of good taste.  Technically, that means there are three banjo players in the same band, which probably defies some Federal law.  The Major provides not just major 7 chords, but all of the slippery, delicious steel guitar texture that oozes over the songs like melted butter.  Basically, Major Seven is the Paula Deen of the group.